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Coronavirus in China: Death toll rises to 41, number of infected - to 1,303

A new type of coronavirus is spreading in China: the death toll in the Chinese Hubei province has risen to 39, local authorities report. The total number of deaths in China reached 41. RIA Novosti reports.

At least 38 of them are residents of Wuhan, one — from Ichan; in total, 729 people are infected in the province. One death was registered in Heilongjiang and one — in Hebei provinces.

About 1,303 confirmed cases of the infection have been registered in 29 provinces and cities. There are 1,965 people with suspicion of the new type of coronavirus. The virus has spread to 30 regions of the country.

Currently, 13,967 people, who had close contact with the sick, are under medical supervision.

At least 38 cured patients have been discharged from hospitals.

Paper media outlet reports that a doctor, 62-year-old otolaryngologist Liang Udong, who worked in Wuhan Hospital, died of the coronavirus in China.