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ARVI incidence on rise in Bishkek

An increase in the incidence of acute respiratory viral infections (ARVI) was registered in Bishkek. The Republican Clinical Infectious Diseases Hospital informed 24.kg news agency.

According to doctors, 312 patients, mostly children, have turned to the medical facility for 24 hours. «At least 222 patients with ARVI currently undergo treatment. The hospital is designed for 400 patients, but there are currently 481 patients in the hospital. As usual, patients are also placed in the corridors. More than 70 percent of those hospitalized have persons caring for them, therefore, in general, about 700 people stay in the hospital,» the hospital representatives noted.

Doctors of this hospital strongly recommend citizens do not self-medicate, and turn to family medicine centers. «Many people come to us, queues are formed. Once you came, please do not swear, do not argue, and do not interfere with work of the doctors,» the doctors ask.