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Media lawsuits. Ombudsman of Kyrgyzstan ready to act as mediator

Ombudsman of Kyrgyzstan Tokon Mamytov is ready to act as a mediator between the media and the family of Raiymbek Matraimov, who have filed lawsuits. He told 24.kg news agency.

According to the chief human rights activist, one of the parties should turn to him for this.

«If one of the parties addresses me, I’m ready to act as a mediator,» Tokon Mamytov said.

He said that everyone had the right to defend honor and dignity in court in the country — a journalist, an official, and even Raiymbek Matraimov.

Touching upon the admissibility of litigation with the former civil servant, who is accused of corruption, Tokon Mamytov stressed that any person could be suspected, but only the court had the right to call him or her a corrupt official and a criminal.

«I have not read a document so far, where a sentence was passed against the former official (Raiymbek Matraimov. — Note of 24.kg news agency), which indicates that he is a criminal and violator of the law. If the journalists did not call him a corrupt official, the court will sort it out, the issue will be resolved and closed,» the Ombudsman said.

Answering the question whether the judge of the Sverdlovsky District Court of Bishkek, Zhyldyz Ibraimova, legally issued a ruling on blocking bank accounts of three media outlets before the trial, Tokon Mamytov replied that if she exceeded her authority, journalists have the right to turn to the prosecutor’s office.

The Matraimovs filed a lawsuit against 24.kg news agency, Kloop and Azattyk. Claims were also brought against a journalist Ali Toktakunov. The amount of claims on protection of honor and dignity of Raiymbek Matraimov amounted to: 22 million soms — to Azattyk, 12.5 million — to Kloop, 15 million — to 24.kg news agency.