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38% of elderly get pension below subsistence level in Kyrgyzstan

Parliament of Kyrgyzstan hears the report of the Social Fund on budget execution for 2018 today.

It is noted that the budget is almost 100 percent executed. It amounts to 51,157 million soms, and its execution reached 51,013 million soms.

MP Abdyvakhap Nurbaev asked what was the size of the minimum pension.

The head of the Social Fund Meder Irsaliev replied that there was no such a notion as a «minimum or maximum pension». But if a person does not have enough work experience at the time of retirement, then the pension will be small. As of today, 10,000 pensioners receive an average of 1,350 soms.

At least 92,000 people get from 2,000 to 4,000 soms, and 56,000 pensioners — from 4,000 and above.

Abdyvahap Nurbaev recalled that the consumer basket was an average of 4,500 soms. And the average pension is 5,604 soms.

Another deputy Ziyadin Zhamaldinov added that the tax arrears following the results of 2018 amounted to 3 billion soms.

«If it was covered, then the pensions would have grown,» said Ziyadin Zhamaldinov. He called on the leadership of the Social Fund to raise first of all the pensions that were below the subsistence level.