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World oil prices skyrocket after cuts in production in Saudi Arabia

World oil prices have grown by an average of 12-13 percent after a decline in production in Saudi Arabia. RIA Novosti reports.

The maximum growth reached 19 percent. So, at the opening of trading, November futures for the North Sea Brent oil mixture cost $ 67.8 per barrel compared to $ 60.15 at the previous close and rose to $ 71.62, or 19.1 percent.

November WTI crude futures at the opening grew to $ 60.09 per barrel compared to $ 54.8 at the previous close, reaching $ 63.47. The growth reached 15.8 percent.

«Saudi oil facilities were attacked on Saturday. The Hussite Yemeni rebels claimed responsibility for the attacks. Saudi Arabia, which is the largest exporter and one of the three largest world oil producers, reduced production more than two times after the attack — by 5.7 million barrels per day from the usual mark of about 9.8 million,» the statement said.