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Price of vegetable oil grows by 45.7 percent in Kyrgyzstan for 12 months

Compared to October last year, retail prices for vegetable oil increased by 45.7 percent on average over the year in Kyrgyzstan. The National Statistical Committee provided such data.

Retail prices for sunflower oil amounted to 173.98 soms per kilogram on average in the republic, and, compared to October last year, increased by 42.2 percent, while prices for cottonseed oil reached 179.25 soms per kilogram and increased by 48.4 percent.

The retail prices for sunflower oil in Kara-Suu (184.61 soms), Osh (183.85 soms) and Naryn (183.6 soms) exceeded the national average price the most. The minimum prices for the oil were registered in Pokrovka village (156.36 soms), as well as in Kara-Balta (157.31 soms) and Uzgen (160.66 soms). The largest increase in prices for sunflower oil compared to the previous month was registered in Nookat — 1.8 times, Naryn, Kerben and Pokrovka village — 1.6 times.

Retail prices for cottonseed oil exceeded the national average in Tokmak (196.16 soms), Jalal-Abad (186.13 soms) and Toktogul (184.78 soms), and the lowest prices for it were recorded in Pokrovka village (154.92 soms), as well as in Kerben (160 soms) and Talas (161.06 soms). The maximum increase in prices for cottonseed oil in October, compared to the corresponding month of last year, was registered in Kerben — 1.9 times, Nookat, Uzgen and Pokrovka village — 1.8 times.