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Initiative group demands amendments to the Constitution

People’s initiative group demands to hold a referendum. At least 12,700 signatures have already been collected. Its representative Aibek Myrza said.

According to him, the petition was submitted to the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan. «We have sent it on June 29, but haven’t received an answer yet,» said Aibek Myrza.

He added that three questions would be put to the referendum: do you think it is necessary to recognize the people’s kurultai as a subject of the Constitution and oblige the president and the Parliament to report to its representatives; what form of government do you prefer: parliamentary or presidential; what election system should be in Kyrgyzstan: proportional, majority or mixed?

«If the people’s kurultai considers the work of the head of state unsatisfactory, then he should be removed from office. This will also be indicated in the first question,» said Aibek Myrza.

He noted that the referendum should be held before the parliamentary elections in 2020. Otherwise, members of the initiative group will gather their kurultai on the square and will demand dissolution of the Parliament.

A compromise is also possible: a nation-wide voting can also be held on election day. And let the new convocation rewrite the Constitution.

Aibek Myrza

The last referendum on amendments to the Basic Law was held on December 11, 2016 in Kyrgyzstan. In total, over the years of independence, eight plebiscites have been held in the republic, and all of them were related to amendments to the Constitution.