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Kyrgyzstanis arrested for spate of thefts in UAE

Dubai Public Prosecution has charged four Kyrgyzstanis for carrying out a spate of thefts in Palm Jumeirah in Dubai. Khaleej Times reports.

The gang reportedly targeted villas when its occupants were not at home, mostly during nights.

They used iron tools to break the doors and windows and stole valuables, including jewelry, gold and cash, as well as electronic devices.

The police succeeded in getting on the trail of the criminal gang after a recent theft in Palm Jumeirah, during which 500,000 dirhams, $ 10,000, gold coins, and two Rolex watches worth 151,000 dirhams were stolen. The robbers also took away jewels, passports, bank cards and cheque books.

It was found out that the thieves had left the UAE after committing the thefts. When the gang members arrived in Dubai after sometime, they were arrested by the police.

As the media outlet stresses, during the interrogation, all four confessed that they had come to the UAE to commit thefts.

The police confiscated the stolen items and sent the case to the public prosecution for further investigation.