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One Belt, One Road. Agreement between EEU and PRC ready for implementation

The Second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation continues in Beijing.

Plenary sessions with the participation of Heads of State began today. The PRC Chairman Xi Jinping stressed in his speech that the interconnectedness between the partners within the integration concept One Belt, One Road played an important role.

«Over the past two years, our cooperation has been actively promoted under the terms of the agreements reached. China opposes protectionism in the global economy and politics,» he stressed.

Xi Jinping added that the PRC was aimed at rapprochement with the EEU member states: Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia and Belarus.

In his turn, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the agreement of EEU and China would start working in the coming months, and stressed: the union is committed to the broadest possible cooperation with all interested countries and associations, primarily with the PRC.

The heads of state of the Eurasian Union agreed with Vladimir Putin, noting that the EEU was seeking to liberalize economic ties with other partners.

During the discussion, it was said that the international community could confront challenges such as welfare gap between different countries, slowing global economic development and technological lag by joint efforts only.

The forum participants stressed that these trends generate a breeding ground for terrorism, extremism and illegal migration. All this, according to the leaders of the countries — participants of the integration concept, causes the return of old and new regional conflicts.

Recall, Xi Jinping proposed the integration concept One Belt, One Road during his visits to Kazakhstan and Indonesia in the fall of 2013. Kyrgyzstan, as a member of EEU, supported this initiative.