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Parliament of Kyrgyzstan ratifies Kyrgyz-Turkish Friendship Hospital agreement

Parliament of Kyrgyzstan ratified the bill on the opening of the Kyrgyz-Turkish Friendship Hospital in the Kyrgyz Republic in the third reading. The decision was made today at a meeting.

Recall, the agreement between the governments of Turkey and Kyrgyzstan on the opening, joint management and transfer of the hospital to the Kyrgyz side was signed on September 1, 2018 during the visit of the President of Turkey to Bishkek.

The hospital will be managed by two parties within 3 years, and then — by the Kyrgyz side. In the next three years after its transfer, the Ministry of Health of Turkey will continue to monitor and coordinate the work of the medical institution.

The hospital is built. Earlier it was reported that the Turkish side has to maintain all the mounted systems in the empty hospital. The clinic is a gift of Turkey to the people of Kyrgyzstan. It was planned to be put into operation until August 31, 2017. The delay was due to the agreement.

The Ministry of Health promises that the hospital will start working until the end of 2019. Supply of equipment for the hospital is coming to an end.

At least 101 deputies voted for ratification of the agreement.