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Kyrgyzstan to simplify registration of foreigners

Registration of foreign citizens will be simplified in Kyrgyzstan. The Ministry of Justice of the country submitted the document for public discussion.

The State Registration Service has introduced an automated information system «Registration of foreigners,» registration in which is carried out in an automated mode.

Foreigners will no longer have to turn to the State Registration Service within five working days from the date of visa extension.

Children of foreigners can be registered at the request of authorized persons by proxy.

Under the new amendments, foreign citizens can act as a host and register in their own housing.

It is proposed to simplify the procedure for obtaining a registration coupon with QR-code element on the forms. An applicant, registered through the electronic services portal, does not need to visit the passport system and population registration departments to obtain a registration coupon, but rather print the registration coupon with the help of a regular printer. Mobile applications will be developed for reading the information.