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Omurbek Babanov tells why he left politics

Ex-deputy of the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan, Omurbek Babanov, for the first time in a year and a half after his forced departure from Kyrgyzstan, gave an interview to NTS local television channel.

Answering the questions, he explained why he abandoned his deputy seat and announced his withdrawal from big politics.

«I met with Ruslan Kazakbaev (parliament deputy — Note of 24.kg news agency) in Turkey. I told him to meet with Almazbek Atambayev, Sooronbai Jeenbekov. I wanted to know what I should do to stop the persecution of my supporters. You know that 10 days before the election the State Committee for National Security opened a criminal case against Kanat Isaev, he was arrested for alleged organization of a coup d’état. Ruslan Kazakbaev met with Almazbek Atambayev. It was a condition of the authorities. I conveyed my suggestions through Ruslan Kazakbaev. First, the criminal case against Kanat Isaev must be considered objectively and all charges must be dropped. Secondly, persecution of my supporters must be stopped. I asked not to pressure the deputies and their relatives. And I was ready to leave politics under these terms. Negotiations on all this lasted long enough, about a month,» Omurbek Babanov told.

At this meeting, which was very emotional, a number of conditions were set — that I should leave politics, give up my deputy seat. And the main condition was that I should not return to Kyrgyzstan for a year.

Omurbek Babanov

Babanov added that he had fulfilled all the conditions.

«Until today, I have not spoken to either Almazbek Atambayev or his associates. In the same way, I did not communicate with Sooronbai Jeenbekov. But my relatives, who were waiting for my return, met and talked to him. My supporters told him that more than a year had passed, Babanov fulfilled all his promises. There were also negotiations during this year. But the criminal case connected with my speech in On-Adyr, has not been closed up to now. There is already a conclusion of four expert groups in the case, not only of the Kyrgyz experts, but also of Russian state expertise. Despite this, the political criminal case fabricated against me has not yet been closed,» Omurbek Babanov stressed.

Recall, the Prosecutor General’s Office opened two criminal cases against Omurbek Babanov. He is accused of public calls for violent change of the constitutional order and incitement of national, racial or religious hatred. He is also accused of attempt to forcibly seize power.

After the presidential election in 2017, Omurbek Babanov left Kyrgyzstan. He is in Moscow now. In 2018, Omurbek Babanov stated he left big politics and would devote himself to business. He recently said that he intended to return to home country and actively participate in the political life of the country.