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Business advises President Jeenbekov to get rid of regions’ heads - dependants

Local population should elect heads of regions and districts. Businessman Zhumadyl Egemberdiev announced at a conference «Kyrgyzstan: National Dialogue on Regional Development.»

He suggested the President of Kyrgyzstan to get rid of the heads of the regions — dependants.

«When local population elect heads of districts and regions, you will see a real picture in the regions. Heads of districts and governors present you beautiful reports, but they themselves do not work,» noted Zhumadyl Egemberdiev.

According to him, it is also necessary to increase the budgets of local authorities.

«Local budgets should get 60 percent of tax revenues of a particular region. The remaining 40 percent will be enough for central authorities,» he said.

According to Zhumadyl Egemberdiev, a moratorium on issue of licenses for development of gold deposits should be imposed.

«Let’s preserve gold for our next generation. We have other real sectors of the economy for development,» the entrepreneur believes.