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Bishkek is suffocating due to landscaping problems, infill development

Negative trends are observed in landscaping of populated areas in Kyrgyzstan. An ecologist, Professor Emil Shukurov stated at a round table discussion.

According to him, such a state of affairs in landscaping issues has a negative impact on the health of the population.

«But if landscaping does not lead to improved health, quality of life of the population, then such landscaping cannot be accepted. There are many approaches in international practice that are most optimal in our conditions, there is our own experience, because once our capital was one of the greenest in the Soviet Union. Unfortunately, after independence, those who decide the fate of landscaping, have the opportunity to go abroad, and then try to apply this experience here. They say that there are almost no green spaces in some countries of Western Europe, there are restrictions on their quantity, crown shape, and all people live well. And then we see a spherical mockery of trees on the streets,» he said.

Emil Shukurov noted that chaotic development had a negative impact on the ecology of the city.

«Bishkek-Frunze was not only a green city, but also a blown-through city despite fairly weak winds. It was blown through weakly, but constantly, and the townspeople breathed mountain air. Now this is not. Infill development of free places, where the wind passed, had made its negative contribution. As a result, the city is suffocating,» he said.