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Safe City. What speed considered as traffic violation

Vega Radio Engineering Corporation told 24.kg news agency what speed was considered as a violation of the rules of the road.

According to Vega technical specialist Sergei Dolgopolov, the cameras work with an error of one kilometer.

«Under the law, an excess of the speed limit by 20 kilometers is not considered as a violation. For example, with a limit of 40 kilometers per hour, we take an error of one kilometer and record a violation at more than 62 kilometers per hour. If the limit is set at 60 kilometers per hour, then a fine will be issued when driving at a speed of more than 82 kilometers per hour,» he explained.

Recall, excess of driving speed by more than 20 kilometers per hour is punishable by a fine of 1,000 soms, more than 40 kilometers per hour — 7,500 soms.

Safe City project will start working in Kyrgyzstan on February 12.