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Issyk-Kul resorts without sewage treatment plants to be closed

Resorts on Issyk-Kul lake, which have no sewage treatment plants, will be closed. Permits for the construction of resorts or recreation centers without a proper wastewater treatment system will not be issued. Amendments to the Law on the Protection of the Biosphere Zone of Lake Issyk-Kul were initiated by deputies of the Parliament and submitted for public discussion.

According to deputy Ekmat Baibakpaev, there are 115 waste treatment facilities in Issyk-Kul region, including 98 in resort institutions, 29 of which have not been operating since 2008.

Issyk-Kul district has 77 wastewater treatment plants, 15 of them are out of service, 8 were dismantled, 7 were mothballed.

«Waste treatment facilities in the resort area of ​​Issyk-Kul, in the cities of Karakol, Cholpon-Ata and Balykchy are worn out and need urgent reconstruction. Karakol wastewater treatment plant is environmentally hazardous because it is located with a bias towards Issyk-Kul in the water protection zone of Karakol river. The storage pond is full,» said Ekmat Baibakpaev.

He added that there were no sewage treatment plants in Kyrgyz-Tany, Ulan and Golubaya Buhta guest houses. «The number of health facilities, cafes, and private hotels connected to the sewage network of urban water utilities is growing from year to year, which overloads the system. Due to dismantling, five treatment facilities in Goluboy Issyk-Kul, Baisoorun, Solnechniy Bereg resorts, Kyrchyn tourist center and the fish factory in Grigoryevka village are in disrepair,» said Ekmat Baibakpaev.

Environmentalists sound the alarm about the mass use in Issyk-Kul region of laundry detergents, cleaning products containing harmful substances that end up in the water.

Ekmat Baibakpaev

The deputy wonders why the authorities do not take strict measures stipulated by law and do not close the resorts that have no treatment facilities, and their owners are not brought to responsibility.

Note that decisions on the non-admission of such institutions to the season are taken annually. But in the end, resorts without a proper wastewater treatment system continue to work.