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Bishkek Administration proposes to impose moratorium on municipal land resale

The Bishkek City Administration proposed to impose a moratorium for 2018-2019 on resale of land plots transferred for temporary use. The head of the city Aziz Surakmatov told.

«It turns out that city administration leases the land, a tenant does not build anything on it, takes a certificate and then resells the land,» he said.

The mayor instructed the Municipal Property Department within three months to develop an automated information base and include all municipal property in it.

The mayor raised the issue of schools’ land registration. «This work needs to be done, it will allow us to understand where we can increase capacity through the construction of additional buildings. In order not to search for new land, we will expand the existing schools,» he said.

Aziz Surakmatov noted that the city had a lot of unregistered municipal property. «In due time, all the trolleybus depots were given to someone, but now there is no place for trolleybuses. And there are many such facts. It is necessary to register all municipal plots,» the mayor said.