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President of Kyrgyzstan imposes temporary moratorium on business inspections

The President of Kyrgyzstan signed a decree on imposing a temporary ban (moratorium) on conducting inspections of business entities.

The document notes that measures were taken to stabilize the economic activities of business entities, ensure further development of the business environment, improve the investment climate, as well as eliminate unjustified and unnecessary interference of government bodies in the activities of business entities.

The moratorium on inspections of business entities will be in effect until December 31, 2024. Law enforcement and other authorized bodies that have the right to conduct inspections of business entities are now unable to do this. An exception will be inspections carried out at the request of government officials in case of detection of specific facts of violation by a business entity of the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic with the attachment of documents, materials and other supporting information.

The Cabinet of Ministers should develop and submit to the Parliament a draft law regulating the rules for inspections of business entities conducted by law enforcement, tax and other authorized bodies, exclusively after their registration with the prosecutor’s office.

The Prosecutor General’s Office has been instructed to step up supervision over the legality and validity of inspections.

A similar decree on a temporary moratorium on business inspections was also in effect in 2023.