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Archers from 23 countries compete at World Nomad Games 2018

Archers from 23 countries competed at the 3rd World Nomad Games held in Issyk-Kul region.

At least 153 sportsmen participated in tournament in traditional archery. It was held according to the rules of several countries. For example, according to the rules of South Korea, the distance to the targets was 145 meters, and according to the rules of Kyrgyzstan — 35-40 meters.

Oleg Tsybikzhapov took the 1st place among men, Tatyana Pavlova (both from Russia) — among women. Lazlo Cat (Hungary) and Stephanie Berendt (Germany) were the best in archery according to Korean rules. As for the archery according to the rules of Kyrgyzstan, Peter Nalochli (Hungary) and Asel Sadyrova (Kyrgyzstan) showed the best results. Balash Vermes (Hungary) and Lanset Genel (Turkey) took the first places in the archery on horseback.

In addition, competition in flight archery according to the rules of Hungary also took place. The champions are Ibrahim Balaban (Turkey) and Anna Maria Monusne Ruszin (Hungary).

Kyrgyzstanis won five medals: a gold, three silver and a bronze.