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Mascot of World Nomad Games - snow leopard

Snow leopard was chosen as a mascot of the forthcoming 3rd World Nomad Games. The secretariat of WNG told.

«Snow leopard has been a sacred animal for the Kyrgyz since ancient times and has always been considered as a defender of soldiers. Its image is steeped in legends, stories and personifies beauty, strength and freedom; many famous literary works and films are devoted to the animal,» the secretariat notes.

Preservation of these unique animals, their ecosystems is a task of national importance and state scale for Kyrgyzstan.

«The idea of ​​making snow leopard a mascot of the Games is related to the importance of protecting this animal. We presented it as a positive, friendly cartoon character, carrying the good and peace. While working on the image, we kept in mind such mascots of major international sports events, like the Olympic Games,» told the author of the artistic image of the mascot, the production designer, animation director Tolgobek Koichumanov.

The secretariat added that as a sign of hospitality and respect for guests of the Games each delegation would be presented with special souvenirs in the form of a snow leopard.

There are from 3,000 to 7,000 snow leopards in the world. The animal is included in the Endangered Species List.