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Release of deputy Kanatbek Isaev. No bargaining with authorities

The deputy of the Parliament Kanatbek Isaev did not intend to seize power and organize riots. Keneshbek Duishebaev, the ex-head of the State Committee for National Security, stated this at a press conference in 24.kg news agency.

According to him, Kanatbek Isaev, to whom the Bishkek City Court changed the measure of restraint for house arrest, will be able to prove his innocence.

«We positively assess the decision of the court to release Kanatbek Isaev from custody and send his case for further investigation. We hope that the cases of other political prisoners will be resolved in their favor. Kanatbek Isaev did not prepare any seizures. He is a right-minded and law-abiding citizen. The previous authorities used the method of political order to neutralize him as a politician. The legal climate in the country has changed now. I assure you that there were no bargaining and negotiations on the release of Kanatbek Isaev,» said Keneshbek Duishebaev.

It was also noted that there was not a single evidence confirming the fault of Kanatbek Isaev.