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Main problem of labor migration - absence of employment contracts

The main problem of labor migrants in Kazakhstan is the absence of employment contracts. Aina Shormanbetova, a lawyer and the President of the International Legal Initiative Foundation told at a press conference.

She noted that a large number of migrants in Kazakhstan work without any legal documents.

«Despite the fact that citizens of Kyrgyzstan now have the opportunity to work in Kazakhstan on the basis of the agreement on the Eurasian Economic Union without permits, the number of unregulated migrants, nevertheless, remains high, and their rights are violated, beginning with the right to work,» she said.

In case of the absence of employment contracts, the migrant is outside the legal field, he or she has no guarantee of observance of the rights. In addition, he or she has no reason to stay in Kazakhstan for more than 30 days.

She noted that migrants with unresolved labor status were at risk of human trafficking.

«The state takes steps to counter trafficking in human beings, but they are not enough. Given the spread of corruption, many victims simply do not seek help from law enforcement agencies. We stopped advising victims of trafficking in people to go to the police. According to many evidences, police officers were intermediaries in human trafficking or returned victims to «masters». Therefore, victims prefer to apply to non-governmental organizations,» she noted.