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Almost a half of Kyrgyzstan's residents depend on labor migrants

Almost 3 million Kyrgyzstanis, and this is half the population of Kyrgyzstan, depend on the labor migrants. The leader of Zamandash party, Zhenish Moldokmatov, stated today at a round table discussion in 24.kg news agency.

According to him, the data of the State Migration Service show that more than 800,000 Kyrgyz citizens work abroad. According to unofficial data, more than a million of Kyrgyz citizens are labor migrants. Each of our compatriots keeps a family of three or four people. Hence, it turns out that almost 3 million citizens of Kyrgyzstan are more or less dependent on labor migrants.

«Some officials are talking about the need to attract investment. But they mean only some mythical foreign investors, who are not in a hurry to come into the country. Meanwhile, investments are already coming every day. The investors are our labor migrants. They do not have to be agitated, telling how beautiful our country is. They are ready to invest. It is only necessary to create conditions for this. Some of our oligarchs earn money here and invest in the economy of other countries. And our migrants make a bit of money abroad and invest in the economy of the homeland,» Zhenish Moldokmatov stressed.