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About 2.4 million soms to be spent on parade uniform for World Nomad Games

The Directorate for National Sports will spend 2,380 million soms on the parade uniform for the participants of the World Nomad Games. The state procurement portal says.

It is noted that 138 sets of parade uniform: 111 — for men and 37 — for women — will be purchased. At least 30 sets are needed for coaches, other 80 — for the members of the organizing committee.

Women’s sets should consist of a kemsel (an elongated waistcoat), a dress and a female national headdress. Female athletes will have brown waistcoats, and the members of the organizing committee — blue.

Shirts, trousers and jackets will be sewn for the men — members of the organizing committee. Athletes and coaches will also have kemsels. All participants will have ak-kalpaks.

At least 3.1 million soms will be spent on the uniform for the athletes and volunteers of the 3rd World Nomad Games.