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Kyrgyzstan chooses participants of ethnic festival

Contest to select participants of the International Ethnic Cultural Festival «The Universe of Nomads» ended in Kyrgyzstan. The official website of the World Nomad Games reported.

The applicants were selected at a two-day casting in four categories: narrative art, ethnic hit, ethnic fashion and ethnic dance.

The qualifying round was held only for contestants from Kyrgyzstan. Invitations to participate in the festival were sent to more than one hundred states.

The International Ethnic Cultural Festival «Universe of Nomads» will be held from September 3 to September 7 in the Nomad amphitheater in Issyk-Kul region. It will take place within the 3rd World Nomad Games.

Each day of the festival is devoted to a certain topic: «Song of the Steppe Wind», «Patterns of the Earth», «Shadow of the Nomad» and «House of the Nomad.»