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MP demands to ban advertising of tobacco and electronic cigarettes

Deputy of the Parliament Almazbek Toktorov demands to ban advertising of tobacco products, electronic cigarettes and vapers. A corresponding bill has been submitted for public discussion.

According to the deputy, about a third of the adult population in Kyrgyzstan smokes. Medical demographic research showed that 11 percent of the men at 15-49 consume naswar.

A survey conducted at 62 schools in the country showed an insufficient fight against smoking.

More than 7 percent of schoolchildren at the age of 13-15 (9 percent of boys and up to 6 percent of girls) have already tried smoking hookah.

The MP proposes to introduce a deduction for financing of measures to protect against the effects of tobacco consumption and exposure of tobacco smoke in the amount of 1 tyiyn per cigarette or 1 gram of tobacco.