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Cafe at Embassy of Kyrgyzstan included in top 10 best Moscow catering places

During the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia, the Guardian compiled a list of the top 10 Moscow catering establishments recommended to fans by the Muscovite gourmands. Cafe at the Embassy of Kyrgyzstan was included in the top 10 for its delicious manti.

«These parcels have wrinkly dough and are filled with juicy minced lamb. The filling must have a generous amount of lamb fat, so best if you have them with a mildly sparkling ayran yoghurt drink or hot tea. The somewhat outdated interior of the restaurant and waitresses in colourful traditional headscarfs make the setting all the more authentic. Like sitting in a cafe somewhere in the Near East,» told one of the visitor of the cafe.

The list also includes such restaurants and cafes as Streat, Uhvat, Oblomov, Severyane and Ottepel.