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Children’s Caravan of Games starts in Kyrgyzstan

Children’s Caravan of Games, which will move through 14 cities, towns and villages of the country, will start on June 5. The head of UNICEF Office in Kyrgyzstan, Yukie Mokuo, told today at a press conference.

According to her, the event is being held jointly with the secretariat for the preparation and holding of the 3rd World Nomad Games. The Children’s Caravan of Games will start in Kant town. Then it will travel to all regions of the republic. During it, children and parents will get acquainted with 25 national Kyrgyz games.

«The game is an effective way of emotional, mental and physical development of children from an early age, and the popular games of the nomads have everything for the successful development of a child. Specially selected 25 games are a crib for parents for an exciting and useful pastime for a child. The accessibility and expressiveness of folk games activates the child’s thinking, contributes to the expansion of understanding of the world, the development of mental processes,» stressed Yukie Mokuo.