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Activists urge judge Irina Vorontsova to voluntarily resign

Yesterday, the deputies of the Parliament elected the judges of the Supreme Court of Kyrgyzstan. Voting was secret. Irina Vorontsova, the candidate for the judge in the Supreme Court of the country, won the least number of deputy votes - only 16.

The public appealed to her with a call to voluntarily resign. The member of the Central Election Commission Gulnara Dzhurabaeva posted it on Facebook.

The post states that the deputies of the Parliament passed a no-confidence motion against Irina on behalf of the people of Kyrgyzstan.

"Do you realize that, having voted against you, the deputies fully expressed the wrath of citizens, their outrage at the lawlessness and injustice that you are doing? Do you realize your responsibility for dozens of ruined lives, broken destinies, ruined hopes, for the tears and despair of mothers, wives, children of people unfairly accused by you? Do you realize that your name is associated in the minds of the people with the vices of a rotten judicial system - servility, venality, spinelessness? You have profoundly distorted the meaning of justice, accusing and depriving innocent people of freedom, future, property, trampling on rights and freedoms for the sake of keeping your seat. You turned into an executioner!" wrote Gulnara Dzhurabaeva.     

Earlier, the president recommended Kydyk Zhunushbaev, Irina Vorontsova, Damira Orozova, Nurgul Bakirova and Aidarbek Alymkulov to the posts of judges of the Supreme Court. However, the parliament members approved only two out of five candidates - Nurgul Bakirova and Kydyk Zhunushbaev.

Irina Vorontsova is on the black list of judges, who brought in the guilty verdicts in criminal and administrative cases against politicians, human rights defenders and journalists.