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Intestinal infections on rise in Bishkek

The number of people, who have turned to the Republican Clinical Infectious Disease Hospital with intestinal infections, is growing. The medical institution informed 24.kg news agency.

«About 230-250 patients come to the hospital daily. If earlier there were 20-30 patients with intestinal infections, their number reaches 70 now. We hospitalize about a half of them, depending on the severity of the infection, mostly the children. This, of course, is the fault of the parents (especially in the children under five). They do not pay attention to the kids, do not wash their hands and the minors eat unwashed fruits and vegetables,» the hospital representatives told.

Basically, these are patients from Bishkek and surrounding areas — Issyk-Ata, Sokuluk and other districts.

Physicians predict a further increase in the incidence. «There are, as usual, not enough beds, we place patients in the corridors, but within a day we usually transfer them to a ward. The most important thing is to provide high-quality and timely medical care,» the hospital stressed.