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Health Ministry warns of growth of intestinal infections

The Ministry of Health of Kyrgyzstan reported what diseases Bishkek residents are exposed to.

According to the ministry, the most common are salmonellosis and dysentery. Doctors note that salmonella and microbes of dysentery withstand freezing, salting and smoking without changing the taste and appearance of products.

«Spring and summer is the time when the season of fruit and vegetables begins. At the same time, due to the deterioration of food storage conditions in the summer months, the risk of acute intestinal infections and salmonellosis increases. The most susceptible to these diseases are children under 12 months old, as well as immunocompromised persons,» the Ministry of Health stressed.

As a results of six months of 2019, at least 1,773 patients with acute intestinal infections were registered in the capital, and 84 percent of them were children under 14 years old (1,491 cases).

Doctors explain that the population’s ignorance of the basic skills of personal hygiene plays main role in the spread of intestinal diseases.