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Territory of Bishkek may increase by 14,800 hectares

Territory of Bishkek may increase by 14,860 hectares in the future. Vice Mayor of the capital Azamat Sagyndyk uulu announced at a scheduled meeting at the Bishkek City Hall.

According to him, administrative boundaries of the capital were developed this year. «As of todayб the territory of the city is 19,580 hectares. Other 14,860 hectares of Chui region may join the capital,» Azamat Sagyndyk uulu said.

At least 4,949 hectares of them are in Sokuluk district, 8,000 — in Alamedin district, 1,852.8 — in Issyk-Ata district.

The total territory of Bishkek may reach approximately 34,440.6 hectares, suburban areas — 42,667 hectares.