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Kyrgyzstan takes 91st place in Military Strength Ranking 2018

The Armed Forces of Kyrgyzstan have improved their index by 17 positions and took the 91st place in the new ranking of the world’s strongest armies — Military Strength Ranking 2018. Globalfirepower.com published the ranking.

According to experts, the army of Kyrgyzstan has 150 combat tanks, 438 armored fighting vehicles, 159 artillery units, 30 self-propelled artillery systems and 21 rocket projectors.

The military budget of Kyrgyzstan, according to experts, is $ 240 million.

The army of Kyrgyzstan has 8 combat helicopters and 6 military transport planes, experts said.

According to the ranking, the total number of military personnel of the Armed Forces of Kyrgyzstan is 23,700 people, but its active personnel — 13,700, the rest is the reserve.

According to the ranking, the Armed Forces of Uzbekistan are the strongest in Central Asia — 39th place. In 2018, the positions of all countries in the region have improved. Kazakhstan occupies the 50th place (55th — in 2017), Turkmenistan — the 80th (86th — a year ago), Tajikistan — 96th (112th — in 2017).

The top 5 strongest armies in the world have not changed since 2017 — the United States, Russia, China, India and France.

Military Strength Ranking 2018 assessed the state of the armies of 136 countries. Analysts considered them according to 55 criteria — the number of troops, technical equipment, financing, the possibilities for additional defense costs.