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Bishkek mayor booed during discussion of city plan project

The mayor of Bishkek, Albek Ibraimov, was booed during the discussion of city plan project.

The participants of the discussion adopted the regulations before the beginning of the meeting. The speech of the mayor was the first. However, he offered to listen to others and then sum up the discussion.

In the midst of the hearing, Albek Ibraimov went to the microphone to answer the questions. The participants of the hearings started shouting from their seats; then the parties began exchanging mutual accusations.

Activists said that there was no speech of the mayor of Bishkek on the agenda and they were not ready to listen to his report on the work done. In their opinion, Albek Ibraimov should answer questions concerning the city plan project.

The mayor believes that he has the right to respond to criticism.

"I want to speak and respond to criticism, so I will not speak according to the rules," he said. But the activists booed him.