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Parliament proposes to change pardon law in Kyrgyzstan

The Parliament of Kyrgyzstan suggests to change the pardon law. MP Iskhak Masaliyev voiced such initiative.

The Constitution of Kyrgyzstan expanded human rights and freedoms, including the pardon issue. No restriction shall be imposed on the right of every person deprived of liberty, established by the Constitution, to ask for pardon or mitigation of punishment. This applies even to those, who committed serious crimes.

The death penalty was abolished, but there is still a former procedure for submitting an application for pardon by persons, sentenced to capital punishment in Kyrgyzstan.

In Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus, the president is empowered to pardon convicted persons not only through their full or partial release from serving their sentences, but also in the form of removing their convictions. Kyrgyzstan should follow this path, Iskhak Masaliyev believes.