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Kyrgyzstan plans to introduce independent testing of university graduates

It is planned to introduce an independent assessment of knowledge (testing) of graduates of higher educational institutions in Kyrgyzstan. Initiator of the bill, the deputy of the Parliament, Altynai Omurbekova, told today at a round table discussion.

Annually, the country’s universities graduate about 40,000 young specialists. In total, about 200,000 students study at 52 private and state institutions of higher education.

«At the same time, not a single national university is included in any international ranking. Some rankings include AUCA, KRSU, KTU Manas, but all of them are created on the basis of interstate agreements,» the deputy said. «Therefore, I propose to amend the law with regard to the introduction of independent testing for graduates of universities (similar to the Nation-wide Testing) and a practical examination that would be administered by a commission of employers.»

Altynai Omurbekova noted that an independent assessment would make it possible to rank the universities.

If the level of testing results in more than a half of the graduates is below the threshold, then the license for this educational program will be withdrawn.