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Ambassador of China to Kyrgyzstan: TBEA has good reputation

«TBEA is a well-known company in energy sphere with a good global reputation,» said Chinese Ambassador to Kyrgyzstan Xiao Qinghua at a meeting with the Kyrgyz media representatives.

According to him, the company works in many countries, and its work is highly appraised.

«TBEA has accomplished its work within the project. And the investigation is an internal affair of Kyrgyzstan, and we do not interfere,» Xiao Qinghua said.

The ambassador also commented on the termination of the agreement with the Chinese company Huawei.

«This is a commercial project. If any of the parties is not satisfied with the terms of the agreement, then it has the right to suspend participation in it. This is world practice. It will not affect relationship between our countries,» he said.