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Sapar Isakov calls to clean up and plant trees in Kyrgyzstan

The Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Sapar Isakov announced the launch of the national campaign «Taza Zhashoo». The government of Kyrgyzstan published a video message.

«During the next few months, we will clean up, plant trees and shrubs, lay out parks, improve every corner of our beautiful country. Cleanliness and beauty begins with every yard, with each of us. Let us meet warm days in a clean and beautiful yard, a village, a region, a city, a country through our creative efforts. We will put in order the place where we, our children and grandchildren live, where our guests come,» said Sapar Isakov.

According to him, the campaign differs from the numerous clean-up events held earlier. Participation in it is voluntary. «We call on citizens and organizations that are not indifferent to the ecological state of the country, who want to launch the process of promoting a new ecological culture, to contribute to the upbringing of the youth,» Sapar Isakov said. «We urge the business to direct efforts and projects on social responsibility to preserve the environment. We call on young people and public organizations to join the efforts of the government to promote responsibility, careful attitude to nature and the people living next to us.»

«Let’s make Kyrgyzstan cleaner and more beautiful together,» Sapar Isakov called.