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Kyrgyzstan stops state regulation of coal prices

The period of temporary state regulation of coal prices in Kyrgyzstan has expired. The State Agency of Antimonopoly Regulation reported.

To curb the growth of coal prices, meet the needs of socially vulnerable citizens and timely provide the population with coal in the autumn-winter period, state regulation of coal prices for a period of 90 days was introduced in November 2017. The monitoring found out that there had been no shortage of coal in the republic in the last three months.

There was an increase in prices by the subjects selling coal in bags. These points mainly work illegally. Most of them lacked weight scales and price tags for coal.

State Agency of Antimonopoly Regulation

The State Tax Service conducted raids in trade outlets. 454 entrepreneurs were checked, 12 of them committed violations. They traded in non-established places. They were fined for 6,400 soms. 65 business entities had violations of tax legislation, they were fined for 133,000 soms.

«During the state regulation of coal prices period, a total of 302 inspections were conducted in Kyrgyzstan, which revealed 178 violations. A total of 97 instructions were drawn up to eliminate violations and penalties for 205,600 soms were issued,» the State Agency said.