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Kyrgyzstan temporarily bans extraction of minerals in floodplains

Licenses of 23 subsoil users engaged in extraction of sand and gravel mix in floodplains and riverbeds were temporarily suspended in Kyrgyzstan. Press service of the State Committee of Industry, Energy and Subsoil Use reported.

The measures were taken within the framework of the issues raised by the Ministry of Emergency Situations concerning flooding of territories, damage to the environment and the economy of the country from activities of subsoil users in riverbeds and floodplains.

Most of the companies voluntarily applied to the State Committee of Industry, Energy and Subsoil Use for temporary suspension of their licenses.

Licenses of YUGELS LLC, BDSU, Asphalt-Beton Group, ULAN-Chi, Syn-Tash, KAZ Minerals Bozumchak, Mamat Company, Tokoshev (2 licenses), Ata-Kurulush, SKY, Jalal-Abad wholesale market (3 licenses), Enesay Ken, Abiy, Stroy-Terek, Bekbolotova Begaim, Ermatov N.S., Tagaeva Dzhumakhan, Zavod JBI-4 JSC, Azattyk, Zavod JBI were temporarily suspended.