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Sapar Isakov about Smart City, Aibek Kaliev and post of Prime Minister

The Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Sapar Isakov told journalists about the blockchain, why he did not dismiss Aibek Kaliev and explained whether it is embarrassing for him to use public transport.

24.kg news agency offers the readers answers of Sapar Isakov to the most acute questions.

About the blockchain in public procurement

It’s about smart contracts that are used in different parts of the world. The system of state procurement today has many errors. It raises questions from the public and deputies, there are many examples of deception, tricks. And the blockchain system excludes it.

It will be some kind of electronic currency, which is validated by real financial means — the national currency of Kyrgyzstan. It will be used only in the public procurement system.

I do not say that this will be done in the near future. There are consultations with the National Bank and the Ministry of Finance, issues are being worked out with technology companies so far.

Why video cameras within Smart City project are not installed yet?

The project dragged out due to celebration of the New Year in China. Borders are closed.

The agreement signed with Huawei and the investors is a direct investment agreement. The state does not invest money in the project. The government will start paying only when a certain number of video cameras are installed.

The cameras will be installed in two stages. The first phase will be testing mode in order Huawei and the State Registration Service to draw up design and estimate documentation. After that, we will see exactly how much money is needed for each intersection to equip it with the required equipment.

In order to make the project effective, the government will hire an international company for technological supervision. This will allow to know exactly that the necessary equipment is installed at the best price.

Will the odd Smart City investors not bring a scandal instead of money?

In the near future, representatives of the investor will come to Kyrgyzstan and answer all questions from journalists. Co-investor of the project Beijing China Veterans Lingxin Capital Management found the company AKA Minerals and Mining. Otherwise, the government would have to invest $ 9 million.

My main goal, as prime minister, is to implement the project. We have not been able to do this for many years. I think that this time we did everything right. Direct investments come to the country, but there are no risks for the state.

Why the investment agreement on Smart City is marked «For official use only»?

The government of Kyrgyzstan is ready to publish it, but it can not do this without the consent of all the parties that signed the treaty.

The investment agreement on Smart City project comes into force after solving a number of issues and a feasibility study must be ready. While the conditions are being met, the work will begin in the testing mode.

How much money is needed to modernize Bishkek Heating and Power Plant?

Before taking the blame for the breakdown at Bishkek HPP, I thought a lot. I realized that our power system is not perfect, it needs correcting. I agree with the deputies who expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that there are people in the power industry who have no relevant education or professional skills. Now I have a great moral right to resolve all issues aggressively and promptly.

Modernization of HPP should be continued. Old equipment can fail any time.

Why Aibek Kaliev is not fired so far?

Before giving up on a person, one must understand the degree of his guilt and what Kaliev and his team have done. I gave instructions to the National Energy Holding to show these figures. I see a different meaning in demands of some politicians to fire him. I demanded to dismiss the director of the HPP, because he directly deals with the enterprise every day. And it was he who allowed what happened there. There are many companies in Energy Holding. Aibek Kaliev is responsible for everything. Let’s wait, see the result of work of the commissions investigating the causes, and then we will draw up conclusions. I have never seen that Kaliev somewhere took bribes, was involved in corruption.

About increase in tariffs for heating and electricity

This is the most painful issue. But, if we hide the problem and engage in populism, then there will not be any sense.

Tariffs for heating should be increased. The HPP goes into the red, it is subsidized by the state. But there is not enough money to replace the old equipment. With the correct explanation, citizens will understand why we need to raise tariffs, but we need to take care of those who can not fully pay for heating.

About Russia’s assistance in fiscalization of tax procedures

Russia agreed to provide a gratuitous system of fiscalization. It will cover all tax procedures. Russia will provide both the software itself and specialists who will help to implement it.

Are you ashamed to use public transport?

No, I am not. It is important to do your work so that when you use public transport, people greet you, hug, take pictures with you, reach out for you. I dream about this.

About the fear to lose the post of Prime Minister

It is important for me to be realistic and to show the people the real situation. I, of course, would like, like any other state official, to work as long as possible and bring as much benefit to the country as possible. We have already started many projects. But if you hide a disease, then once it will overcome you and you can finish badly. It is not in my principles to hide something. To solve the problem together, you need to show it. I’m not afraid to lose the seat of the Prime Minister.