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Bishkek HPP breakdown. TBEA tells why new equipment was not connected

Circumstances and causes of the breakdown at the Bishkek Heating and Power Plant are being investigated in Bishkek.

Meanwhile, Zhu Hai Long, Deputy Director of the project «Modernization of the Bishkek HPP», told 24.kg news agency why only one new unit worked and how much money they received for their work.

— Yes, indeed, we carried out the modernization, but the HPP was not completely updated, but only by 25-30%. The people expect once the project is completed, it means that the HPP should work normally.

The old units failed. Our new units work reliably. When the breakdown occurred, only one new unit was working, the second was in reserve. The day before yesterday we switched on the second unit at the command, the load was raised.

— Could the new HPP unit generate heat or was it designed only for electricity generation?

— Both units are generating heat and electricity.

— How long ago have they started doing it?

— From the very beginning. Yesterday, a group of deputies saw everything with their own eyes. Everything is indicated on the screens — both the generated heat and electricity.

At the beginning of the heating season, we switched on both units, but we listen to the commands of the main control panel of the HPP. We got a command: there is enough electricity, so one boiler can be switched off and left in reserve.

Zhu Hai Long

Therefore, only one boiler remained working, but it produced both electric power and heat energy.

— Are both units operating at full capacity now?

— The power output was increased, and now they work for more than 90 percent.

— Should you have built a chemical treatment shop during modernization?

— The chemical treatment shop was a controversial issue since the very beginning. The contract agreement did not clearly indicate it, but the work specification had a point: we should consider the construction of this shop. At the very beginning, the specialists of the old shop told us that their facility could safely provide both old and new units.

— And will you build a new chemical treatment shop or not?

— Yes, we will do in the second quarter of 2018. This decision was made in August 2017. The specialists of the Chinese Design Institute have already developed the project, the equipment has been ordered and will soon be delivered to Kyrgyzstan.

We worked according to the contract agreement, work specification. Some say there is no feasibility study. This is incorrect information. It must be provided before the start of the project. Feasibility study has been submitted long ago, back in 2013. Our project passed state expertise, there are all official conclusions with seals available, everything is legal.

— How much money have you been paid as of today?

— 93.4 percent of the total sum.

— How many of your specialists are currently servicing the HPP?

— There are about 130 Chinese experts. Yesterday, a question was raised why they are working at the strategic facility. Apparently, people do not know that under the contract agreement we have a guarantee period. We must service the object for one year, quality guarantee lasts the same period.

We will be here until the middle of 2019. During this time, we must train local staff to work on new equipment, use metering devices.

Zhu Hai Long

— May any other problems arise at the HPP till the end of the heating season?

— We are responsible only for the new (modernized) its part. And we hope that there will be no problems. Our technical specialists work around the clock. If there are any defects, they will be eliminated immediately.

— Were there any defects during this time?

— There were small, of course, but it is so everywhere. It is possible in the first year after commissioning at any HPP.