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Waseem Sokari: Kyrgyz people are hospitable. It's very similar to Syria

Waseem Sokari is a graduate of the Higher Institute of Theater Arts, the Department of Choreography and Contemporary Dance (Damascus, Syria), he also completed courses at Harbor Dance Center (Canada). Participated in festivals and performances in more than 20 countries around the world. In Damascus he worked as a dance teacher for children at the Russian Center for Science and Culture.

He played the role of Sinbad during the closing ceremony of the Asian Games in 2006 in Doha (Qatar).

Six years ago, Waseem came from Syria to Kyrgyzstan to work as a choreographer. Now he is the founder of the school of modern dance in Bishkek. He shared his impressions with 24.kg news agency about life in Kyrgyzstan.

— What surprises you in Bishkek / Kyrgyzstan?

— I love nature in Kyrgyzstan, customs and traditions. I like to go to the mountains in the summer, and to admire the view of the mountains covered with snow in winter.

— What reminds you about your hometown in Bishkek?

The people of Kyrgyzstan are friendly and kind. They welcome the guests, take care of them. It is very similar to my country — Syria.

Waseem Sokari

I like to go to the mountains with my friends in the summer and sit by the river. And going to the lake and fish.

— What do you like in the national cuisine? And what are you afraid to even try?

— My favorite food in Kyrgyzstan is plov, lagman and kurudak. I did not like kumys when I first tried it. But my friend said that it is very beneficial for health. I don’t know, maybe I’ll try it again.

— What fascinated and disappointed with a close acquaintance with the local population?

— I like different cultures, harmony between people. And traditions and customs in Kyrgyzstan are very interesting. I discovered the culture of your country, I watch with pleasure the national dances.

— What would you change in Bishkek?

— Streets. Many streets are not asphalted and there is no lighting. In summer many small rivers dry up. Water must pass through the city, because it creates a beautiful view.