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Sapar Isakov: Toll roads should to be introduced in Kyrgyzstan, but carefully

«It is necessary to introduce toll roads in Kyrgyzstan, but carefully, so that this tolls do not affect the socially vulnerable population,» Prime Minister Sapar Isakov said at an informal meeting with journalists today.

According to him, toll roads can be introduced only when a citizen has a choice — to move along a toll-free or toll road. At the same time, the head of the Cabinet of Ministers noted: in order not to kill reforms, it is necessary to carefully study payments for the roads, to consider the possibility of payment by different layers of the population.

We can not have many toll roads. There can be two or three of them. And the toll roads must be introduced slowly to gradually develop the road infrastructure.

Sapar Isakov

«We must take into account all these factors. Now the government is actively working on the issue, we are evaluating everything and deeply studying the topic. Take for example a new alternative road North-South. We must be realistic and understand that the budget will not withstand a lot of spending on road rehabilitation. But the peak may come when all of them have to be repaired. It is necessary to raise funds so that in 10-15 years there was money for the rehabilitation of the new North-South road. We must consider the factors and decide on the toll roads. But personally, my opinion — toll roads need to be introduced,» Sapar Isakov said.