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SDPK withdraws from majority coalition of Bishkek City Council

The SDPK faction withdrew from the majority coalition of Bishkek City Council. The leader of the faction Almaz Kenenbaev announced this at a regular session today.

According to him, the decision is connected with the implementation of the plans in the work of the majority coalition and the Bishkek City Council in general.

The majority coalition consisted of three factions — SDPK, Respublika — Ata Jurt and Kyrgyzstan, two remained in opposition — Onuguu Progress and Mekenim Kyrgyzstan.

Almaz Kenenbaev could not answer who can join the new majority coalition. «It’s premature to talk about it. Every faction deserves to join the coalition, except for the official opposition, this is Mekenim Kyrgyzstan,» he said.