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Smart City project can be entrusted to Chinese company Huawei

The project Smart City can be entrusted to the Chinese company Huawei. The head of the State Committee of Communications and Information Technologies Nurbek Abaskanov confirmed this information to 24.kg news agency.

«Negotiations on Smart City project are held with many companies. But they are more active with Huawei. Now we are discussing the terms of the deal. The final decision has not been made yet. If we can agree on the terms, Huawei will implement Smart City», Nurbek Abaskanov said.

However, own sources of 24.kg news agency reported that the decision had already been taken. The cooperation of the government with Huawei in public-private partnership format will be announced in the near future.

Earlier, the head of the government Sapar Isakov said that instead of Safe City Kyrgyzstan will implement the project Smart City.

Smart City project is one of the main components of the high-tech project Taza Koom and the program Jany Doorgo Kyrk Kadam. Soon the project will be launched in pilot mode in Bishkek. The Mayor’s Office of Osh needs to study this experience in detail and accelerate the implementation of the project there,» Sapar Isakov said.