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Tax debt in Kyrgyzstan reaches almost 3 billion soms

As of October 1, 2017, the amount of tax debt in Kyrgyzstan amounted to 2 billion 843.7 million soms, according to the State Tax Service for 9 months.

Of the total amount, bad debts amount to 705.5 million soms by 1,892 to taxpayers, or 24.8 percent of the total amount.

The tax authorities of the republic for 9 months of the year carried out certain work on enforced recovery of tax debt. As a result of measures taken, the budget received 2 billion 432.7 million soms.

2,462 tax and payment requirements put in a claim for taxpayer’s accounts for 1 billion 808.1 million soms.

Produced 2,800 inventories of property worth 938.8 million soms. For judicial consideration, 1,500 materials worth 1 billion 471 million soms were submitted for consideration.

For untimely payment of taxes to the budget, more than 6,600 administrative fines were imposed for 27.8 million soms. The budget collected 18.9 million soms.