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EEC has no powers to resolve conflicts between EEU countries

«The Eurasian Economic Commission doesn’t have powers to resolve conflicts between the EEU countries,» the Chairman of the EEC Board Tigran Sargsyan said today.

According to him, today there are no analogues of the EEU. Therefore, all countries of the Union need to create conditions and remove barriers and restrictions. It is the aspect where the problems arise. Countries seem to have created a supranational body — the Eurasian Economic Commission, which must solve the main problems, but in practice its powers are limited.

When conflicts arise between countries, they interpret the EEU legislation in different ways. And the EEC has no powers at all, except for monitoring and making recommendations.

Tigran Sargsyan

«If we created a supranational body that reflects the interests of all parties, it must work. After all, when national governments discuss problems, there is always a conflict of interest. This is due to the fact that they put the common interests of the union in the background. In the foreground they have their short-term goals. Today, the most urgent task is to expand the commission’s powers so that its responsibility to appear. Now it works in very comfortable conditions. We have the Supreme Eurasian Council, the intergovernmental council. They make decisions. If one didn’t decide, then the EEC doesn’t do anything. This position is luxury for our countries. Therefore, the authority of the commission should be expanded, then the effect of its work will be better. In this respect, the experience of the European Union is useful. Of course, it is not necessary to copy it, but it is useful to take it into account,» Tigran Sargsyan concluded.