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CEC can't announce presidential elections' results because of court proceedings

The Central Election Commission of Kyrgyzstan can not voice the date of announcement of official results of the presidential elections. As the Central Election Commission explained to 24.kg news agency, Toktaiym Umetalieva is suing the commission, so it can not announce the results yet.

The presidential candidate lost the trial in the Inter-District Court, but appealed its decision to the Supreme Court. Hearing is to take place today. «If the court decides in favor of the CEC, it is likely that already today or tomorrow the results will be announced. They will be published in Erkin-Too newspaper on Friday. It turns out that the inauguration can take place, for example, between November 24 and December 1,» the CEC explained.

The human rights activist filed a lawsuit against the CEC’s decision not to satisfy her complaint about the cancellation of the results of voting at 27 polling stations in Bishkek. She asked to declare the results on them invalid, because the Bishkek TEC did not create these stations.

However, the resolution of the commission indicates that the Bishkek mayor’s office has drawn up a list of 27 polling stations. Based on this, the Bishkek TEC created them. The CEC did not support the complaint of Toktaiym Umetalieva.