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Data of Kyrgyzstan and China on import of PRC goods differ by $ 4.1 billion

Data of Kyrgyzstan and China on the import of goods from the People’s Republic of China in 2016 differ by $ 4.1 billion. Report of the Accounts Chamber of the Kyrgyz Republic on the results of an audit of the execution of the revenue side of the republican budget for the past year says.

It is worth noting that the PRC shows higher figures of imports of goods to Kyrgyzstan. But the customs officers of our country show higher value of exports of Kyrgyz goods to China — by $8.9 million soms.

The Chamber of Accounts believes that the main reasons for the discrepancies may be a different methodology for the formation of foreign trade data of the two countries. China generates its international trade statistics by the principle of the direction of movement of goods. As a result, export to Kyrgyzstan data includes transit volumes of goods that flow through the Kyrgyz Republic to other states.